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Ancient Fish, Modern Recovery

The lake sturgeon is the largest and longest-living freshwater fish native to the southeastern United States. In evolutionary terms, this primitive fish has changed little since it swam among dinosaurs, but its continued survival was in doubt until recently.

Families Win Energy Savings

Zach Dixon is among three homeowners in the North Carolina High Country who are benefitting from an energy contest held by Appalachian Voices to raise awareness about how homeowners could benefit from energy efficiency upgrades and programs to finance them.

Breaking Boundaries: Contemporary Appalachian Art

Some artists are regional natives, others recent transplants. Some pull from the imagery embedded in the landscape and culture, while others embrace globalized approaches to their work. Yet what unites all of these artists are the stories they each hold, waiting to be told.

Microhydro Powers Mountain Farm

Our multimedia assistant, Matt Abele, traveled to Woodland Harvest Farm in Ashe County, N.C., to document how Elizabeth West and Lisa Redman are harnessing their creek to power their small homestead.

Ecotourism Rises Along with Hope for a Region’s Future

After enduring the booms and busts of an economy almost entirely dependent on coal, the residents of far southwest Virginia are taking their economic future into their own hands by capitalizing on the region’s incredible natural beauty to promote ecotourism.